A Digital Marketing Agency Built for Today. We partner with clients to achieve goals & Objectives using modern video production, social media, and best of the web marketing options.


SMM is the core of what we do at Social Eye. We offer various solutions to help your business stand out on social media, build an audience of qualified leads, and get them to your business!

If you’re ready to unlock the power of Social Media for your business and take things to the next level?

Because we value your time and ours, please fill out the form to see if we are a good fit for each other! We are currently only accepting clients who are TRULY ready!


Video Production for the internet world.




We offer a variety of services that will help keep your business on the cutting edge and allow your brand to flourish in an ever-changing digital landscape.



Working with you, we will work to develop a social media strategy that will help achieve your goals and objectives.


Content is king. Have you heard that? Well, it’s true. If you’re content is no good, you’re social media is no good. Let us take control of that for you and create winning content!

Writing, photography, video, editing, design that will help achieve your goals!


Whether on-site at your business, in-studio, or in the air via drone. We’ve got you covered for the best visual production your business can receive!

Cost-effective solutions for video/photo content that your business can use to stand alone on the internet.


Social Media Management

Economic solutions for small to mid businesses that want to turn social media into a profitable and effective tool within their marketing mix.

Whether it be managing content, developing content, or running ads, we’ve got you covered with the solutions that will help you succeed!

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more!

Live Streaming Video Solutions

Want to stream an event, a weekly show, a service, a sporting event, or anything else over the internet, in HD?

We provide HD streaming services with single or multi-cam setup for live events. Broadcast your event LIVE on Facebook, YouTube, and more!

Social Media Ads

Ad creative (content & writing), ad management (budget & placement),strategy, and ad type.

We can help with any or all of it so that you don’t have to worry and can focus on your work.

Creating ads that convert is the goal. Whether it is obtaining leads or converting leads into customers. We’re here to help!

A la Carte

A la carte options available.

Video options,social media consulting/training, design, and more! Contact for info.


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